Monday, March 28, 2011

Complete Discography pt.2

2005/2006 All Please Sound CD
Photobucketi just listened to your album; not for the first time; but i am going through a particularly difficult time sleeping and it was really great.
I had never really dug the lyrics at the end about your guitars and sax being stolen - i feel great empathy, having had my first love stolen from the stage in 1995, a red strat copy worth £70.
Kik ik ik  by  Littles Paia
T'was a blue moon the night the guitars were stoled  by  Littles Paia
snowstorm  by  Littles Paia
Bad energy  by  Littles Paia

LITTLES PAIA: All Please Sound

Buy MP3 Album on itunes here___Littles Paia - All Please Sound

Littles Paia / John Thill split cassette on starshipstereo 2007

Breast milk blues  by  Littles Paia

2001 -2002 Littles Paia - silver cdr

Pocket full of pop rocks  by  Littles Paia
said a spell  by  Littles Paia
I need to bury everywoman  by  Littles Paia
Dreaming of you  by  Littles Paia

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