Monday, March 28, 2011

Complete Discography pt.1

Bad Weather California - Get a Grip
Produced by Seth Olinsky of AKRON FAMILY
Recorded by Chris Koltay in Detroit
Littles Paia CC#4

Bad Weather California - get a grip from Bad Weather California on Vimeo.

Bad Weather California - Live Jammers EP 2010


When i die by Littles Paia

I don't know by Littles Paia

Bad Weather California's three-day residency with Akron/Family at Quixote's in May is still panning out. Not only is the eminent avant-folk band taking Bad Weather on tour later this month, but its members make a guest appearance on Live Jammers, a new, live Bad Weather EP released just in time for the road trip. Recorded in a living room during a snowstorm — and sounding accordingly intimate — these six tracks flawlessly capture Chris Adolf and crew's primal, soulful, shaggy psychedelia. Rangier and more atmospheric than the band's recent studio output, these loose yet focused renditions of "Lord Take Me Away" and "When I Die" feel perversely life-affirming. And then there's the Bo Diddley bombast of "Gimme More," a stomping call-and-response as sinuously sinful as some pagan ritual. That is, after all, what live music is supposed to be about.


have a song on the new 1190 radio comp.

Cyberpunks not Dead (for carls & tom murphy)  by  Littles Paia
2007/2008 Dew on the Needles CD
There isn't a song on Dew on the Needles that doesn't incorporate an unexpected twist or pleasant surprise. Songs will start out one way, set a nice groove, then take a hard left into weird territory; fairly straightforward tunes will suddenly give way to an extended sample of a woman talking about relationships. There are plenty of rough edges on this disc, but they in no way obscure the spark of genius that drives the entire album. With an impressive supporting cast that includes Chris Adolf and Joe Sampson, Littles Paia has produced something special: ten tracks of beautifully fractured folk rock swathed in a dusty, fly-specked steam-punk electro aesthetic that's both intimate and alien, warm and weird, and ultimately wonderful.

That girl she (dont show me no love)  by  Littles Paia
If it snows tonite (can i come over)  by  Littles Paia
Goodnight my baby's  by  Littles Paia
Its ok (to love again)  by  Littles Paia

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LITTLES PAIA: Dew On the Needles

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Littles Paia - Dew On the Needles

Contracrostipunctus Carol project #1 ( blue oyster cult )
songs for music videos.


Complete Discography pt.2

2005/2006 All Please Sound CD
Photobucketi just listened to your album; not for the first time; but i am going through a particularly difficult time sleeping and it was really great.
I had never really dug the lyrics at the end about your guitars and sax being stolen - i feel great empathy, having had my first love stolen from the stage in 1995, a red strat copy worth £70.
Kik ik ik  by  Littles Paia
T'was a blue moon the night the guitars were stoled  by  Littles Paia
snowstorm  by  Littles Paia
Bad energy  by  Littles Paia

LITTLES PAIA: All Please Sound

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Littles Paia / John Thill split cassette on starshipstereo 2007

Breast milk blues  by  Littles Paia

2001 -2002 Littles Paia - silver cdr

Pocket full of pop rocks  by  Littles Paia
said a spell  by  Littles Paia
I need to bury everywoman  by  Littles Paia
Dreaming of you  by  Littles Paia