Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Sonny Bono drops acid, frolics in the Summer of Love, and then makes an album that sounds like one of the Kids of Widney High backed by a string section. Decades before he crashed into that tree, Sonny Bono crashed into something else when he cut the 12+ minute track, "I Just Sit There" that starts off this album.

From the opening verse, when he begins warbling "Inside outside upside down/ Everything is turning round/ Backwards forwards which is right?/ Black is day and white is night/ Smell the air it's real uptight", you know you're not in good hands. Yeesh, even Mike Nesmith came up with better "psychedelic poetry".

The best song here might be the good-girl-gone-into-prostitution tale, "Pammie's On a Bummer" because it has the best title. It also has a lengthy instrumental intro that gives you a break from Sonny. "My Best Friend's Girl is Out of Sight" is also okay as long as you imagine it being performed by a Neil Hamburger-like weary lounge lizard.

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